Maui Million Dollar Home Sales ($1.0M+) – Day 2 of 10 – Sale Prices

From January 1, 2012 through September 16, 2013, a total of 231 “million dollar plus” homes sold in Maui County, generating total volume in excess of $525 million.

There are many ways that Hawaii real estate appraisers analyze sales statistics for luxury homes.  Because a proper market study for this segment would run many pages, I am posting one article per day for ten days.

Day 2 of 10 – Maui Million Dollar ($1.0M+) Single Family Homes By Sale Price

Consider the following graph and chart:

Maui Million Dollar Homes By Sale Price

Maui Million Dollar Homes By Sale Price

Maui Million Dollar Single Family Homes By Sale Price
Sold From 1/1/2012 through 9/16/2013
Sale Price # of Sales % of Total
$1.0 M to $1.9 M 157 68.0%
$2.0 M to $2.9 M 31 13.4%
$3.0 M to $3.9 M 18 7.8%
$4.0 M to $4.9 M 9 3.9%
$5.0 M to $5.9 M 5 2.2%
$6.0 M to $6.9 M 2 0.9%
$7.0 M to $7.9 M 1 0.4%
$8.0 M to $8.9 M 4 1.7%
$9.0 M to $9.9 M 3 1.3%
More than $10.0 M 1 0.4%
Total 231 100.0%

The data shows a predictable trend, with more than 80 percent of the “one million plus” sales on Maui being in the “under $3.0 million” price range.  Although a handful of high profile Maui luxury homes have sold in the past few years for prices in excess of $20.0 million, MLS records show only one residence eclipsing $10.0 million since January 1, 2012.

Bottom Line: Price Matters

There is healthy market activity in Maui’s “million dollar plus” category, but the overwhelming majority of sales (nearly 90 percent) sold for less than $4.0 million.

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Aloha, Chris

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