Oahu Neighborhood Tour – Launani Valley

Launani Valley:  The Central Oahu neighborhood you’ve never heard of.

Launani Sign (2)

Located in Central Oahu, just behind Mililani Mauka, is Launani Valley, a peaceful and inspiring neighborhood that was developed in the mid-90’s/early 2000’s.  Longtime Mililani residents describe Launani Valley’s climate as being similar to “Wahiawa Weather”, meaning cool enough in the summer to not need air conditioning, and frosty enough in the winter to require a full complement of blankets and sweatshirts.  It ain’t the arctic circle, but by Oahu standards, it can get COLD (in the mid-50’s).

The Launani Valley Community Association (LVCA) is a master association that is comprised of 833 homeowners in 6 condominium projects.

Launani Valley Aerial
Launani Valley – Aerial View of its 6 Condominium Projects
Project Year Built 2 Bed 3 Bed 4 Bed Total
Gardens at Launani Valley 1993 206 32 238
Ridge at Launani Valley 1992 138 44 182
Streamside at Launani Valley 1996 / 2000 60 24 84
Terraces at Launani Valley 1995 / 2000 100 50 150
Woodcreek 2000-2003 56 46 102
Woodcreek Crossing 2003-2004 39 38 77
  Totals 504 245 84 833

As shown, most of the condominium units in Launani Valley have either two or three bedrooms.  The Woodcreek and Woodcreek Crossing developments have a total of 84 four-bedroom units.  While many of the Woodcreek and Woodcreek Crossing units have single family designs–like the rest of the homes in Launani Valley, they are legally condominiums.

Project 2 Bed 3 Bed 4 Bed Overall
Gardens at Launani Valley 792 925 810
Ridge at Launani Valley 772 893 801
Streamside at Launani Valley 833 927 860
Terraces at Launani Valley 1,095 1,289 1,160
Woodcreek 1,260 1,450 1,346
Woodcreek Crossing 1,200 1,531 1,363

The Gardens, Ridge, and Streamside units have floor areas that are typically in the 800 to 860 square foot range. The Terraces units are larger, averaging over 1,100 square feet.  Woodcreek and Woodcreek Crossing host a mix of single family condo and duplex units–each project averages about 1,350 square feet of living area.

The following amenities are available to Launani Valley residents:

  • Two Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Court
  • Children’s Playground
  • Paved Jogging Path
  • Comfort Station
  • Extensively Landscaped Greenbelts
  • Full Time Site Manager
Launani Valley Amenities

Launani Valley Amenities

LVCA Rec Center

LVCA Rec Center

In a future article, I’ll discuss details of each condominium project.

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