Kauai Industrial Properties – Building Age Survey

The island of Kauai is home to some 313 industrial buildings on 237 parcels containing more than 2.5 million square feet of gross building area.

A typical industrial warehouse in Puhi, Kauai, Hawaii

A typical industrial warehouse in Puhi, Kauai, Hawaii

As shown in the table and pie chart below, nearly 90 percent of Kauai’s industrial buildings are less than 50 years old, with the oldest surviving structures being in the 70-79 year old age group.

Kauai Industrial Buildings

Zoned Limited Industrial (IL) and General Industrial (IG)

Age in Years


% of Total




























Kauai Industrial Buildings By Age - Pie Chart

The graph below depicts the extent of construction that took place after Hawaii became a State in 1959 (fifty-four years ago), and the large proportion of industrial buildings that were developed in the period of 1984 through 1993 (buildings aged 20 to 29).

Kauai Industrial Buildings By Age Group - Column Chart

A pdf copy of the County of Kauai Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) can be downloaded here.

Of particular interest to Kauai industrial developers are the descriptions of the Garden Isle’s industrial districts:

(a) There are two (2) Industrial Districts:

(1) Limited Industrial (IL)
(2) General Industrial (IG)

(b) Limited Industrial shall include uses which are generally in support of
but not necessarily compatible with permissible uses in the Commercial District.

These Districts shall normally be established within reasonable accessibility and
convenience to General Commercial Districts and where there is adequate access to
a major thoroughfare.

(c) General Industrial shall include all business, industrial processing, or
storage uses that are generally considered offensive to the senses or pose some
potential threat or hazard to health, safety and welfare.

This District shall not be located adjacent to residential or resort districts unless there is physical or geographical protection from those characteristics of the uses considered to be offensive or hazardous.

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Hokua Luxury Condo Tower – Where are the owners from?

The Hokua condominium, located at 1288 Ala Moana Boulevard, is arguably Honolulu’s most prestigious high-rise address.

Hokua - Image Sourse: Bing Maps

Hokua – Image Source: Bing Maps

The 40-story tower, built in 2006 as a joint development venture between the MacNaughton Group, Kobayashi Group, and A&B Properties Inc,, sits between two highly desirable shopping destinations (Ala Moana Shopping Center to the east and Ward Center to the west), and benefits from excellent ocean views over Ala Moana Beach Park.

Where are the 248 Hokua unit owners from?

When appraisers are valuing a proposed high-rise condominium project, it is often appropriate to develop a market study that analyzes where potential purchasers are likely to come from.  According to tax records as of September 2013, Hokua units are owned by individuals from the following locales:

State / Country # of Units Owned % of Total
Hawaii 177 71.4%
Japan 20 8.1%
California 18 7.3%
Other U.S. 5 2.0%
China 4 1.6%
Korea 4 1.6%
Canada 3 1.2%
Nevada 3 1.2%
New York 3 1.2%
Taiwan 2 0.8%
Florida 2 0.8%
Illinois 2 0.8%
Massachusetts 2 0.8%
Washington 2 0.8%
Switzerland 1 0.4%
Total 248 100.0%

In total, 86.3 percent of current Hokua owners are US based (71.4 percent from Hawaii) and 13.7 percent are foreign (Japan leading the pack with 8.1 percent).  These figures skew more toward Hawaii than I was expecting, although 35 or so units (about 14 percent) are owned by corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, or other entities that have Hawaii addresses, but are not necessarily controlled by owners who reside primarily in the Aloha State.  But by and large, it appears that Hokua’s reputation as the premier luxury tower for wealthy Hawaii residents is deserved.

Hokua owners by state and country

Source: Honolulu Tax Office records and Chris Ponsar, MAI

Future articles will analyze other luxury properties to see how other prestigious developments in Honolulu compare.

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