Maui Million Dollar Home Sales ($1.0M+) – Day 4 of 10 – “Who Sold Them”?

From January 1, 2012 through September 16, 2013, a total of 231 “million dollar plus” homes sold in Maui County, generating total volume in excess of $525 million.  There are many ways that Hawaii real estate appraisers analyze sales statistics for luxury homes.  Because a proper market study for this segment would run many pages, I am posting one article per day for ten days.

Day 4 of 10 – Maui Million Dollar ($1.0M+) Single Family Homes By Agent

Consider the following graph and chart, 24 agents have sold four or more “million dollar homes” in the study period (ties sorted by first name alphabetical order):

Maui Million Dollar Home Sales By Agent

Maui Million Dollar Home Sales By Agent

Maui Million Dollar Single Family Home Sales By Agent
Sold From 1/1/2012 through 9/16/2013


Agent Name
# of
$1.0M+ Sales
1 Wendy R Peterson 11
1 William B Moffett Jr. 11
3 Robert H Dein 10
4 Mary Anne Fitch 8
5 Lori L Powers 7
5 Robert R Myers 7
5 Tom Tezak 7
8 John H Page-Papazian 6
8 Steve Blackington 6
10 Bob Hansen 5
10 Debbie Arakaki 5
10 Dennis Rush 5
10 Jeremy Stice 5
10 Martin Hauen-Limkilde 5
10 Nancy J Callahan 5
10 Vincent Palmieri 5
17 Courtney M Brown 4
17 Cynthia Warner 4
17 Dano Sayles 4
17 Diane K Pool 4
17 Jeannie Kong 4
17 Josh Jerman 4
17 Kathy Ross 4
17 Riette G Jenkins 4

Bottom Line: This is the big time.

No analysis required.  This data speaks for itself.  We’re talking about real estate professionals at the top of their game here.  They all deserve aloha and praise!

Questions or comments?  Please leave them in the comment  box below, I would be happy to clarify and/or expand.

Aloha, Chris

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