Maui Million Dollar Home Sales ($1.0M+) – Day 6 of 10 – “How much land do they have?”

From January 1, 2012 through September 16, 2013, a total of 231 “million dollar plus” homes sold in Maui County, generating total volume in excess of $525 million.  There are many ways that Hawaii real estate appraisers analyze sales statistics for luxury homes.  Because a proper market study for this segment would run many pages, I am posting one article per day for ten days.

Day 6 of 10 – Maui Million Dollar ($1.0M+) Single Family Homes By Land Area

Consider the following graph, which categorizes the Maui million dollar home sales by their lot sizes:

Maui Million Dollar Home Sales By Land Area

Maui Million Dollar Home Sales By Land Area

If you are unfamiliar with the luxury home market in Hawaii, the data presented on this graph might be counter-intuitive.  As  shown, most million dollar home sales are on lots that are smaller than half an acre in size, and only a handful of transactions are on tracts larger than ten acres.

Bottom Line: Once Again, Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Not many people would argue that, all things being equal, more land area is usually better.  But on Maui and throughout the Hawaii high-end residential sector, an experienced real estate appraiser understands that beach frontage and ocean views are the primary drivers of market value.  Since near-ocean properties are typically subdivided into smaller land area configurations, it is easy to see how the most common high-dollar sales have smaller lots.

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